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Our Vision...

Ultimate Events is a full service catering and events planning company with a unique concept of creativity, innovation and artistic vision coupled with professional expertise.

We are financially savvy offering a highly refined “one stop shop approach”. At Ultimate Events, one will find catering at its finest, customized event décor, mood creation, planning, consultation and coordination in a complete package.

We offer our clients all the combined services, in addition to complete concept development and concept execution.

The Beginning...

Ultimate Events opened its doors in 1993 as a caterer for the private sector in the Northern Virginia area. Soon, it was servicing everything from weddings to corporate luncheons. The UE team spent as much time on planning as it did on cooking for the events; a marriage of talents that seemed necessary to pull off perfectly polished events. A successfully conceived event for 350 on Capitol Hill bred confidence in the new company. Thereafter the company's ability towards flexibility, innovation, talent in diversified areas and knowledge of ethnic cuisines enabled UE to simplify the entire events planning process. It propelled its growth into a sophisticated, streamlined model. Incorporated in the most common of events, one will find an edge and excitement.

Ultimate Events developed into a company able to deliver a unique party and the WOW! Factor. At a 1996 event for the Choral Arts Society where Sweden was featured, UE introduced and conceived the largest Swedish Lucia Train ever presented in Washington, D.C. Thirty six Swedish maidens with candle lit wreaths in their hair and flowing white gowns marched while performing traditional Lucia carols for a crowd of 760 at the Choral Arts Society Gala. The authentic, dramatic Lucia representation effectively put Ultimate Events on the map.

That same year, UE serviced an event where the special guest was the Queen of Sweden. All 40 servers stood at attention as the queen entered...Of course, all servers were Swedish. This unique ability to grasp the complexity of ethnic cuisines, the diverse cultural norms and traditions of the world find a perfect home at Ultimate Events. The worldly, refined nature of the company propels it to deliver the most ordinary of luncheons with a creative and interesting edge. Over the years, UE has discretely maintained an impressive roster of clients. For UE, the consistent delivery of a premier product is absolute. Whatever your event, you can be sure that UE will remain loyal to its creative edge and simplified approach to events planning.