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Mood Creation & Design

The ability to deliver highly diversified and profoundly
unique services feeds our confidence to create the
most inimitable events. We have converted airport
gates into countries, homes into Bollywood, weddings
into tented pavilion extravaganzas and imitated an
all American Breakfast on the Presidential Yacht, the
Sequoia that reflected the character of the times in
which the boat serviced some of our greatest
Presidents. Our roster of in-house specialty services,
chefs, designers and cultural experts coalesce to
provide the ultimate resource for your event.

Our Services include:

  • Venue Management
  • Meeting Agenda Distribution
  • Signage
  • Cultural & Ethnic Consultation
  • Theme Development
  • Audio & Visual Preparation
  • Technical Support
  • Stage Design
  • Props / Display / Event Decor
  • Lighting
  • Live Entertainment
  • Ethnic Entertainment
  • Traditional Sounds & Instruments
  • Professional Staffing & Bartending
  • Food & Beverage Menu Planning / Coordination
  • Convention & Conference
  • Development and Management