First Ultimate Events event on Capitol Hill for 350 guests,1997.

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How do you start a catering company?

Twenty-five years ago, two 30 something young mothers who loved to create parties started a catering company called Ultimate Events. Soon, UE was hosting wedding celebrations, corporate events, and social affairs throughout the Washington metropolitan area. The Ultimate Events team spent as much time planning and perfecting décor as it did on cooking up delicious recipes……a talent that seemed necessary to pull off a perfectly polished catered event.

A Cherry Blossom Festival Reception on Capitol Hill, a notoriously challenging venue for caterers, bred added confidence in the new company. Confidence inspired more innovative, diversified, multi-layered events that stimulated all senses. UE events were not only beautiful and boasted wonderful cuisines, but they were topped off with perfected mood, ambience, and entertainment. This fearlessly applied multi-sensory creativity coupled with first-hand cultural awareness and diverse cuisine knowledge led UE to excel. UE’s sophisticated, streamlined model delivered raw, authentic yet polished events.

At one of its first large events, UE stunned DC with an evening that put it on the map. That year the Choral Arts Society of Washington Gala featured Sweden. The search was on for a company that could deliver authentic Swedish cuisine and culture.

That was UE. And it delivered with a WOW factor!

For a decadent dessert, UE prepared individual petite delectable Princess Cakes for each of the 750 guests to be served by the Mayflower Hotel. On event day, Swedish maidens in authentic ethnic dress welcomed guests with glasses of assorted premium Vodkas. That evening, the piece de resistance was the largest Lucia Train that Washington, DC had ever seen. In flowing white gowns, 35 young Swedish maidens wore candle adorned Lucia wreaths on their heads and marched into the ballroom singing Swedish Lucia Christmas carols. A sight so extraordinary that it made headlines in the local “Style” section of the Washington Times, one of two major DC newspapers at the time. That event set the standard for UE excellence.

That same year, at an event honoring the Queen of Sweden, naturally UE was selected. The most memorable moment? An all Swedish serving staff stood at attention as the Queen entered.

That kind of attention to fine detail delivers an ultimate event.

Today, our ultimate events are COVID friendly events. Still fabulous, still WOW inspiring. Just safer, smaller, and more detailed yet as creative as ever! We are making it happen no matter what challenges 2021 brings.

That’s an ultimate event!