Covid Friendly Weddings Are Better Than Ever in 2021!

Covid Friendly Weddings Are Better Than Ever in 2021!

Love is in the air… weddings are still a thing, and micro-weddings are all the rage.

We prefer to call them refined weddings because COVID has inspired us to create better, more meaningful, full-bodied celebrations of love. COVID friendly weddings guarantee lovely intimate events with those you love best. Who is closer to you than your friends and family? Keeping your loved ones safe and enjoying a special day together is a good thing. In a funny sort of way, COVID has made us do 2021 weddings better than ever! You will be surprised how bringing together a COVID friendly wedding can be a blessing. We’ve stepped it up a notch on every level.

12 easy steps to your dreamy COVID friendly wedding.

1. Outdoors, outdoors, outdoors! Perfect for a secret gardenesque wedding!

Being outdoors adds a layer of safety so find an outdoor spot. Your unique creativity will speak to you. Necessity breeds exquisite results. Think outside the box. Do you have a large yard? A pretty patio? Look to family or friends with outdoor space you can use. Local parks and historic sites offer beautiful gardens and an expanse of trees.

Smaller weddings and no venue costs means you can spend more on décor. Open skies are a gift. And the sky is the limit! Transform your yard into an elegant romantic space or a sophisticated sleek venue. Or maybe a secret gardenesque wedding? Go for it!

Tented or not, an outdoor wedding can have the allure of a ballroom extravaganza or the feel of a beautifully rustic and more casual affair. Let the universe move you, create, give light to your own inspirations. Have a wedding you have imagined!

2. Reduce your guest list.

Although some states accept outdoor gatherings at larger numbers, go for the safety of a smaller wedding. If you opt for a larger wedding, go no larger than 100.

What is more special than a wedding filled with your closest humans? A blessing in disguise? You no longer must worry about who to invite without creating drama. Expectations are different and smaller weddings are the norm. Close friends & family will fill your special day with good blessings! Refined weddings inspire us to focus on quality, not quantity.

3. Ask guests to be tested.

Ask guests to test three days before your wedding date and to then quarantine for the three days running up to your wedding. Testing is much easier these days, and your guests and family will be relieved to know that at your wedding reception, they can party! Remember, these are your closest, dearest friends, and family members, so they will appreciate the request. Use your creativity to come up with ways to deliver the request with finesse…a clever poem, anecdote or a notecard tucked into the invitation will work nicely. Testing is on the honor system, but again, these are your best humans, so they will be up for the task.

4. Integrate COVID-19 friendly protocols into your theme

Apply social distancing standards in your lay out & service while maintaining a theme. Position tables at least 7 feet apart, the extra foot to allow for seats to be pulled out. Stagger tables to avoid direct lines of air flow. Seat guests in households and/or bubbles. Refer to them in fun ways like nooks or alcoves. Include tables of different sizes to accommodate different households and/or bubbles. The diversity in table size will add a dimension of interest to your floor plan.

The biggest trick is to incorporate the layout into your theme. By keeping to your theme, layout can enhance it. For example, a “secret gardenesque” layout would situate tables in tucked away semi seclusion. Hidden…in a secret garden…perfect!

5. Make sanitizing stations theme-heavy & attractive.

Upon arrival, greet guests with something special that is COVID theme safe! Personalized masks and personalized hand sanitizer have become popular. Have fun with it! With a little attention, clever presentations will take your safety protocols to another level. By complimenting your theme, they will add a layer of excitement. Take time to put together attractive, fun sanitizing stations that your guests will enjoy. Little vehicles offering sanitizing solution and pill size towelettes that bloom when added to solution, will delight guests. What a fun and clever way to incorporate safety!

Imagination is your secret weapon. How fun are old fashioned wash stations? How about one amongst the romantic trees. Include an old basin, a crystal pitcher, fancy disposable towels (of course). Add something unique like, for this couple, a glittery stone that has a special meaning for the couple. New juxtaposed against old…spectacular!

6. Dress up your bar with interesting details.

For your beverage needs, go with the simple, self-serve wine, beer & soda bar option. The safest option is also easy on the pocket. Dress it up and enjoy!

Put effort into designing an interesting bar presentation. For an elegant look, work with your caterer to offer an “infinity” bar…an endless selection of pre-poured wines in glass goblets. Serve on elegant silver trays. Do the same for sodas. Include flavors of sparkling waters to add interest. Twist off tops compliment safety protocols. Add a charming array of craft beers. As a guest takes one, another appears. Guests will not interact directly with servers, but they will still feel the luxury of service.

Most certainly…add champagne! Serve it in elegant crystal. With smaller guest numbers, this is an opportunity to use your prized glassware or crystal. So….indulge!

Take away…Do the bar your way…just be sure to dress it up! Little things like calligraphy on menu cards always add charm. No matter what else you have going on, make sure to upgrade the bar with fabric, flowers, candlelight, signage, clever quotes, neon signs, chalkboards, touches…you name it. And do not forget a bottle spray sanitizer. The magical infinity bar…endlessly poured COVID friendly bar is so intriguing!

7. Chose a caterer able to offer safe yet creative options for dinner.

Chose a reliable caterer and make sure they include COVID friendly protocols. Be clear and up front with your caterer. Ask that all servers wear masks, always remain 6 feet from guests, sanitize service spaces throughout the evening and not only clean utensils, but sanitize before use. Don’t be shy…make sure to ask outright. Ask that all servers are gloved and ask about their testing protocols. Most importantly set up service that allows for minimal contact with your guests.

You might think that dinner would be the biggest challenge, but not so! Food stations are still trendy… the more you have, the merrier. Apply that philosophy to your wedding. Create a petite personalized food station for each table where food is set family style. It’s fun, puts guests at ease and makes your guests feel spoiled. You can personalize with signage. And always remember the spray bottle of sanitizer at every station.

For more elegance, ask for masked, white gloved servers that can enter “marche” style in unison to each food station. Oh, so Impressive!

8. Set the stage with a spectacular cocktail hour in a lounge

Signature cocktails are still all the rage. Now they take on a new flavor…A cocktail hour can be even more fun in a COVID friendly environment. Create a his and hers COVID themed signature cocktail. Love in the Time of Corona & Quarantini are two popular ones circulating that you can personalize. Have fun with it…make it your own.

Smaller numbers mean you have more budget to add layers of interest. Add appropriately spaced loungy furniture, good décor, soft background music and stylize a cocktail food display. The vibe of festivity juxtaposed against safety, will set your guests up for a great evening. Set the stage by offering your guests the signature cocktail upon arrival and invite them to the cocktail lounge. So much fun!

9. Offer a unique selection of self-serve canapes in attractive presentations.

Who wouldn’t enjoy dynamic displays of individually packaged cocktail foods? Fun and engaging, simple displays of fun foods on large, mirrored trays are beautiful set against natures backdrop. Canapes on a peg board allow for simplified self-service. Make sure it is all disposable…thus safe! Guests will indulge. And they will be delighted you thought of their safety at every turn! What is more indulgent than delectable bites in a COVID friendly lounge. Now that’s a party!

10.Yes, you can dance the night away…still.

Again, look to creativity. Dancing on natural flooring has its own allure. It is certainly romantic. But anything goes…it’s your wedding. Bring in a dance floor and anchor it with a monogram, gobo or spotlight to alert guests that this is the bride & groom’s circle.

For additional safety, mark off circles or squares that are 7 feet apart for guests to inhabit on the dance floor. Make sure the size of the circle roughly corresponds with your largest party. Guests will enjoy vying for the next open circle. Have your DJ encourage guests dance near their tables and the party will come alive with spontaneous fervor. A good DJ and a good guest list will bring energy to the party no matter how far apart people are!

For the safest option, opt for a masked DJ rather than live music. Certainly, a good music pod can be more COVID friendly and do the job of providing your best tunes. Just make sure someone you can trust will do the job well. DJs are notoriously unpredictable…make sure you chose someone who comes highly recommended. And then, dance, dance, dance!

11. Have your cake and eat it too.

A traditional tier wedding cake is doable. Just make sure you have a good caterer that can keep your cake cool in warm weather or task a reliable friend to do this. Once cake is cut, set it out on a long table so guests can pick up cake at leisure. Cupcakes are a better choice. Go with your favorites…one for her and one for him…and serve with food safe sparklers. Now that’s festive!

12. Spend more on décor and all the things you love!

Budgets are always a concern, but because COVID weddings are much smaller, there is a lot more to spend on the things brides usually want to spend on but cannot. Smaller guest lists and outdoor venues allow for extras in the budget. Fewer bridesmaids mean more thoughtful gifts for bridesmaids or anyone you want to give extra recognition.

A little more budget, means you can offer really special favors like live succulents in gold planters. Succulents, known for thriving, carry a wonderful live wedding message. One that will fit in the homes of those you love best for many years to come as a reminder of your special day!


Better budgets allow you to focus better on décor and mood creation. Do this well. Now is your time to do it all. For Lighting, go with candles, chandeliers, up lighting, twinkle lights, globes, Edison bulbs…whatever your preference. Lighting has everything to do with mood. Do not be afraid to mix different lighting options to get your mood. Be sure to add flowers, color, themes, special details anywhere…even the table numbers. Your details are the things that will make your wedding day speak the language of your love.

The outdoors as a backdrop is often taken for granted. Against amazing greenery, color plays well. The juxtaposition of elegance against nature is unbeatable. Look to inspiration pictures and dream up your own COVID friendly dream wedding! Go for your vision, casual or elegant, sophisticated or secret garden romantic, capitalize on the outdoors and keep an open mind…nothing is out of reach! And COVID friendly weddings are better than ever!