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We’ve converted airport gates into countries, homes into Bollywood, weddings into tented pavilion extravaganzas and imitated an all American Breakfast on the Presidential Yacht, Sequoia, that reflected the character of the times in which the boat serviced some of our greatest Presidents.

Delivering highly diversified and profoundly unique services feeds our confidence to create the most inimitable events. Our roster of in-house specialty services,
chefs, designers and cultural experts coalesce to provide the ultimate resource for your event. COVID events require a vast library of mood creation techniques to compensate when events are smaller, safer and sometimes include virtual components. Ultimate Events has just that.


Planning a perfect proposal during COVID? It’s a perfect time because the atmosphere tends towards more intimate, secluded affairs. Certainly, COVID safe outdoors always makes a beautiful backdrop for a proposal. Perfected zoom applications can bring in friends and family to celebrate after she says Yes!  Different and tantalizing…how about a masked butler stepping out of the shadows on your favorite hike to serve a 5-course meal? A proposal in a tulip garden or sunflower patch is still a winner. A dressed up romantic gourmet dinner proposal in the privacy of your home is always going to be a surprise (it’s the gourmet). We have hundreds of ideas. And we can even help you DIY it. At every turn, Ultimate Events designers can help you create the perfect proposal.

Ethnic Design & International Events, Specialty Cusine,
Ethnic Entertainment, Traditional Sounds & Instruments:

Ethnic Design & International Events:Our designers have traveled the world and know the global landscape first hand. Ultimate Events will bring ethnic flavors and cultural touches that are authentic to your event. Culturally appropriate foods, music and nuanced touches will make your guests feel like they’ve travelled.

Specialty Cuisines: Our world trained chefs experience international cuisine as an integral part of their portfolios bringing unique flavors of the international community to your event. Because of that, our fusion cuisine is uniquely positioned to express flavors in a uniquely delicious and thoughtful way. We can marry cuisine to your mood, ethnicity,or color. Drawing from many sources, our specialty cuisine is always real, always authentic, always good.

Ethnic Entertainment, Traditional Sounds & Instruments; Need a flamethrower from Hawaii or a Chinese Erhu instrument? Ultimate Events can help you add that WOW factor by bringing in the unique and interesting.

Theme Development, Props/Display/Event Decor:
We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to bring your theme to life in full color. Food,light, sound, ambiance, all set the stage for theme development and we are the experts. Want romantic? Or maybe Sleek & Sophisticated? Maybe just a simple Great Gatsby 30th birthday party? We’ve done that.Want to convert an airport gate into the gardens of Shangri-La? We’ve done that.Want to deconstruct the history of Virginia cuisine, represent the Roots of Virginia cuisine in tasty food samples for the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival?We’ve done that.A theme can take any event up a notch.

Props / Display / Event Décor: You name it, Ultimate Events will make it happen.If it needs to be shipped, we’ll ship it here. If it’s not out there, we’ll design it.
Customized design is our forte…that’s how we create Ultimate Events!

Audio, Lighting & Visual Design: Have you ever walked into a forest clearing filled with candlelight?That’s lighting. But then so are colorful rainbow of light beams over a historic building. Fireworks? How about a river? In the middle of aXdXeXd rain forest complete with the sounds of the Amazon? Amazing what one can do!

Live Entertainment& Stage Design:Because if it’s live, it’s better. Ultimate Events has a library of entertainment options that we can coordinate. From high flying acrobatics to Southeast Asian Bamboo dancers, we’ve got it.How about a live mermaid in a fountain? We’ve done that.Stage Design is left to the imagination. And imaginative stages are a draw. Ultimate Events can design the stage you imagine, or they can imaginea stage that will suit your event and we’ll deliver it perfectly!

Corporate,Convention & Conference: So, it’s a COVID conference for now. Or a COVID convention? Offices are COVID friendly or everyone is working online. Corporate events have gone online. Rest assured;Ultimate Events can plan the perfect online event. Ultimate Events will guide you in making your online conference one of the bestattended. Our unique catalogue of event creation techniques coupled with our long history of events planning ideally situates us to help you deliver your best conference ever!

In 2020, we didn’t see many corporate events, so we adapted. We’ve developed
our “In the box” series of treats. Lovely boxed meals are available for different occasions including; breakfast, lunch, specialty and seasonal. Employees love our “Luncheon in a Box” and “The TGIF Boxed Breakfast”. Our historic mansions enjoy “Tea in a Box”. In the winter months, our
“Happy Holiday Box enjoy popularity. Special things always come in boxes!
To order one our specialty boxes, contact us at info@ultimatevents.com.